Weekend Getaways a necessity

Travelling and visiting places of scenic beauty is considered as the best way to unwind from a stressful and monotonous routine of everyday life. Weekend getaways have become quite a rage in the recent years, more so owing to a lot of factors. For one, in the competitive era of today where work is so demanding and there is cut-throat competition everywhere, it has become practically impossible for the working professionals to take long leaves. In such a scenario, the only respites are long weekends which can be easily converted into a small vacation.

Secondly, the kind of stressful life that almost all of us are leading nowadays, a break in the form of a holiday is much needed. It not only helps us to relax and refresh us but it is quite informative to visit a place of interest. A luxurious stay at a hotel would be the ideal way to bust the stress and indulge in some self pampering.

Thirdly, lots of vacation / holiday clubs have come up that offer attractive and lucrative package to the individuals which includes relaxing at a happy hour rooftop bar . These are generally apt and relevant for small outings and therefore weekend getaways are the best options for people.

Thus, the modern Indian opts for small breaks three to four times in a year for vacationing as this is more feasible keeping in mind all the factors. The boredom of the normal routine life is sometimes too much and a short unplanned holiday is something that is badly needed. A luxurious stay at a pristine location or a beach is what would be the ideal getaway.

Holiday Clubs offer lots of financially viable options for such vacationers. There are studio rooms to luxurious and lavish suites available as options to suit the needs of various people. Then there are beautiful resorts which are a package in themselves as they have a lot to offer for the vacationer in terms of sightseeing, adventure sports, spa indulgence and much more .all packed into one.

For a Banglaorean, planning for a luxury weekend getaway is not difficult jobs as there are a whole of wide options available; it is topographically located in a place that it surrounds some of Indias best vacation spots. There is the pristine Coorg which is natures bounty at its best; there are breath-taking waterfalls, mesmerizing sceneries and a lovely weather topped with exotic coffee plantations. Besides, it has some of the most amazing resorts and hotels to offer for the holiday-goers.

Wayanad, located in the Indias Gods own country Kerala is another scenic location packed away in the lap of nature and bestowed with some of the most spectacular sceneries and locales. Besides, known for its Ayurvedic treatments the world over, it offers some of the most luxurious spas where one can be ensured of a wholesome and fulfilling stay.

Chikmagalur is a small little hill station, located at a decent driving distance from Bangalore and can serve as a perfect weekend escapade. Luxurious living in hotels can be possible with some amazing adventure activities too for the sports enthusiasts. Bandipur , which is famous for the wildlife reserve could be another drive down vacation for it has some luxurious resorts apart from the magnificent wildlife safari that one could explore.

Known as the jewel of the South, Yercaud has all the attributes to offer for the adventure enthusiasts, besides some really opulent home-stays and resorts. How can one forget the historical Mysore while mentioning about Bangalore and its surrounding vacation options!! The most widely chosen weekend destination, it offers awesome sight seeing options besides some five star resorts and hotels with amazing facilities to stay there.