Benefits of Rejuran Treatment

Rejuran Injection Treatment is a widely famous treatment originating in Korea but is gradually protruding its name into other Asian markets such as Singapore. Due to all those stress and simulations that our skins receive throughout years of living, aged skin becomes thinner and wrinkled as collagen and elasticity are slowly diminishing. Therefore, in around 2014, came Rejuran treatment which introduces the usage of PN – Polynucleotide substance that helps tremendously in restoring the better condition of our skins in many aspects. Rejuran treatment never ceased to exhibit the best benefits that attract people to try it out.

Heals wounds and scars

The main substance used is PN Polynucleotide which has been extracted from Salmon DNA germ cells or scientifically known as Salmon sperm cells. Salmons are the most suited DNA for skin treatment due to it possessing the most compatibilities with human cells. The same substance is used for wound healing such as diabetic foot ulcers, skin grafts, hair loss and many others. Because of the nature of Polynucleotide, it helps in regenerating tissues and healing wounds. The fragments of damaged skins are salvaged by PN to incorporate them into a newer form of DNA for normal cell proliferation and recovery. Wound healing is accelerated with the increased microcirculation that causes growth factors needed for growth of blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients for cell growth and reparation. It can be combined for other types of scar treatment too. If your skin is recovering from many types of scars; chickenpox, accident or acnes, this injection will rejuvenate the damaged skin.

Improves skin texture and elasticity

Rejuran treatment also shows skin texture and elasticity improvement undoubtedly. Fibroblast activation enhances collagen synthesis which results in treating fine lines in the skin. Therefore, your skin will become more moisturized and less flaky especially when putting on makeup. This is because it minimizes enlarged pores and the production of oils is decreased. Collagen helps in reducing pigmentation and wrinkles as well. If you suffer from excessive oil production due to oily plus acne-prone skin type, Rejuran injection is able to overcome your skin concern.

Blocks inflammatory effects

Next, Rejuran solves damaged skins due to chronic inflammations. Acnes are commonly produced due to inflamed skin. However, Rejuran has anti-inflammatory effects on tissues. The unrepairable damaged or inflamed cells will be removed by PN and it will block inflammatory cytokines in the body while also reducing scar formation. Rejuran also manages to solve many other skin problems such as eczema.

You will be able to see the effects taking place in not more than three weeks after treatment starts. The injection will surely help in generating skin cells, treating acne scars, tightening pores, brightening tone and smoothing skin texture.

Fret not, this treatment will not leave bad side effects as it uses natural substances that have been studied by researchers for years and are suitable and compatible with humans. This treatment is an extreme jackpot if you are a type of person who does not want to opt for unnatural look that’s offered when getting fillers or Botox. Rejuran treatment is the best option to go for if you have suffered from side effects of other fillers such as hyaluronic acid. After all, it is better to use natural skin supplements than foreign substances for better and long-lasting effects.