How is Rejuran Treatment Administered?

Rejuran treatment is a skin healing injection that popularity has grown in popularity immensely over the past few years. People around the world especially those in Asian countries can’t seem to get enough of this skin rejuvenating treatments which was first introduced in South Korea. Rejuran is also commonly heard as Rejuran Healer, PN, Healer Injection and Baby skin Injections. The DNA extract found in Rejuran is derived from salmon then fragmented into PNs. Due to many demands from people for this treatment, here is all you need to know about the Singapore Rejuran treatment process so that you are both mentally and physically prepared for the treatment.

Fine Needle Injection Administered by Doctors

First thing first, you must be aware that the injection will surely include a lot of needles but worry not as only qualified doctors are to perform this treatment to ensure patients’ safety. Experts will use tiny needle to inject the substance under the scar in the dermis layer.  It is injected only slightly under the skin surface which already suffices for skin healing procedure. Also, only fine needle is used to warrant mild swelling afterwards. By injecting it under dermis layer, it will repair dermal skin cells then stimulate normal collagen production under the scar which will result to shallower scar.

The injections will be made among the easily exposed to acne and wrinkly areas on your face. Areas that can easily show the signs of aging can also take such injections, like the cheeks, eyelids, temples, forehead and most areas around nose and mouth. Some of you may have lower tolerance towards pain therefore the experts offer numbing cream to be applied around the areas of injection 20 minutes before treatment starts to minimize the pain and relax the muscle.

What Happens to Your Skin Immediately After?

It is customary for skin to be swollen all over after treatment is over. That clearly shows that the substances injected into the skin are being absorbed. You must not be surprised to see some experience longer time to heal the skin swelling as it depends on the substances. Some even suffer from temporary mild bruising due to deeper injection. It will take two or three days for the injection marks to subside completely. Administration of healing the swelling via LED Red or Infrared Light is also available. It works to sooth the skin and reduce redness and swelling that is done upon request. They do have this to offer better service and comfort for the procedure to be administered.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Rejuran treatment takes up to four weeks to visibly see evident skin improvement. This happens due to PDRN that naturally takes a bit of time to effectively repair the skin underneath and from the inside. You are advised to strictly follow through the recommended treatment schedule to establish better results. It is believed that the ultimate result is only seen after the last session of the treatment.

How Regular Should You Take Rejuran Injections?

The treatment schedule is best done in a span of 6 to 9 months with one session two or three weeks apart. You are not encouraged to administer to this treatment too regularly as your skin will be damaged badly due to frequent nabbing of needles. Therefore, this treatment is only to be done once in four consecutive weeks.

Rejuran treatment is effective for skin healing and anti-aging. This is the pinnacle of natural treatment for those searching for natural fillers rather than silicon, acids and whatnot.